• General Services

    • + Insured tracking
    • + Medical life expectancy management
    • + Policy maturity management
    • + Premium management

    Additional Services

    • + Market to market
    • + Exit Strategies
    • + Re-sale packaging
    • + Back-up Servicing
  • Insured Tracking

    • + Identify multiple alternative contacts
    • + Coordination with attending physician
    • + Establish primary and secondary ICD-9 classifications
    • + Monitor general health status
    • + Maintain prescription drug schedule
    • + Weekly electronic demise verification
    • + Proprietary search protocols
  • Medical and Life Expectancy Management

    • + HIPAA management and updating
    • + Identifying new health care providers
    • + Updating medical records
    • + Facilitating updated life expectancy reports
  • Policy Maturity Management

    • + Prompt notification to avoid premium overpayments
    • + Official death certificate collection
    • + Submission and management of death claim
    • + Premium payment audit to identity potential premium refund
  • Premium Management

    • + Monthly premium invoicing and payment management
    • + Premium optimization performed for the premium mode you select
    • + Payment to posting: tracking and verification that each payment is applied to the correct policy
    • + Annual review of policy values and adjustments to premium schedule
    • + Multiple payer options: Track-Life can pay, can instruct trustee, or advise owner of needed payments

The effective tracking, managing and monitoring of a portfolio of policies is one of the greatest challenges facing organizations involved in the secondary market for life insurance.

To help alleviate this burden and give life settlement providers and other policy owners an alternative means to manage these essential processes, Track-Life offers an array of services that are unique in the industry. Developed over the course of nearly 20 years spent monitoring billions of dollars worth of policies, Track-Life’s proprietary system combines vigilant care with time-tested, non-intrusive techniques designed to guarantee confidentiality and client satisfaction.

By bringing together unrivaled expertise, high quality service and a reputation for excellence, Track-Life delivers value, peace of mind and proven processes you can trust.

Track-Life’s proprietary tracking system was designed to facilitate the effective acquisition and maintenance of the most up-to-date policy information.

As part of this process, Track-Life makes contact with each and every insured (or their designated contact) and provides extensive documentation, including quarterly reports, outlining vital information and last contact date. Track-Life goes beyond normal protocols and regularly employs enhanced tracking procedures to obtain the necessary information in the most non-intrusive manner possible.

To enable clients to update a portfolio’s projected Internal Rate of Return (IRR), predict future maturities with more accuracy or appraise a portfolio’s current value prior to a sale,Track-Life can obtain updated medical records and life expectancies for all insureds within a portfolio.

This invaluable service provides access to information and data essential to maximizing investment returns without the requisite legwork.

Once Track-Life is aware of a qualifying event, the company then efficiently manages the final steps in the process. From obtaining the death certificate and submitting the necessary claim forms to the distribution of the death benefits, Track-Life’s efficiency, attention to detail and expert knowledge of these matters help eliminate overpaying premiums and delays in maturity tracking.

Track-Life firmly understands the financial impact of letting a policy lapse. To this end, the company has developed a thorough system of checks and balances to ensure the timely administration of premium payments. Provided premium payments are made, all relevant policies are kept current and in-force.

In addition, whenever possible, Track-Life utilizes multiple methods to facilitate the strategic use of benefits built into the policy to reduce or eliminate premium payments without reducing the face value of the policy.

Track-Life, LLC can develop a customized service solution unique to your needs.

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